Zelina Vega Unveils Overwatch Sombra Cosplay At WWE SummerSlam

Zelina Vega Overwatch Sombra Cosplay

After taking the internet by storm a few days ago with an Apex Legends cosplay, it looks like WWE Superstar Zelina Vega is set to go viral again.

The WWE stunner has shocked the internet again with a flawless Overwatch Sombra cosplay during the recently concluded SummerSlam pay-per-view event in Florida. Vega, whose real name is Thea Trinidad has never kept her love for gaming and pop-culture under wraps.

Keeping in line with that, she recently revealed her version of Apex Legends bad girl Loba, which went viral in the battle royale’s massive massive fanbase. Much to the delight of the Overwatch community, Vega unveiled a stunning Sombra cosplay on stage during the WWE pay-per-view that took place in Florida on Aug. 23.

While her Sombra cosplay can be touted as one of the best we have seen, it was even cooler because she rocked it on-stage at the SummerSlam event as well. The main attraction of the outfit was the flared purple coat and tunic, which the Overwatch hacker is always seen sporting.

Vega left no stone unturned in a bid to match the hairstyle, pulling her hair back and cutting it with Sombra’s trademark metal pins. The 29-year-old appeared on stage in Florida with iconic knee-high Sombra boots, along with a pair of tall stilettos.

Completing the main part of the costume, she donned a combo of silver shoulder pads and Sombra’s tight black combat suit. Furthermore, she sported the Sombra logo on a chain around her neck. While Sombra usually suits up to her chin, Vega opted to go open-flare instead, revealing the necklace.

It was simply a stunning cosplay! Regrettably, no one asked her about the outfit even during her interviews. You can check out Vega’s Sombra cosplay in the clip below. Vega is no stranger to cosplay and has debuted a perfect version of Overwatch tank D.Va earlier this month.

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