Zelina Vega Pokemon Cosplay
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Zelina Vega Shows Off Her Incredible Pokemon Cosplays

Zelina Vega transformed herself into a Pokemon Master for Halloween with her incredible Nessa, Jessie & Nurse Joy cosplays.

Thea Trinidad, who is better known by her ring name Zelina Vega, took Instagram by storm after posting her Pokemon cosplays for Halloween. The popular WWE superstar transformed into classic Nintendo characters such as Gym Leader Nessa, Nurse Joy, and Jessie.

The professional Wrestler has garnered skyrocketing popularity in the cosplay community. For Halloween 2021, Vega decided to portray the popular Nintendo RPG, Pokemon.

The 30-year-old WWE Superstar gave fans of the Game Freak series a glimpse of what characters such as Sword & Shield’s Nessa and Team Rocket’s Jessie would look like in real life.

Zelina Vega Wins Praises For Her Pokemon Cosplay

Vega took to her Instagram account to post a thread of photos showing various characters she has cosplayed in the past. She went viral after revealing her version of a few classic Pokemon characters.

She posed as Team Rocket’s Jessie, sporting a flawless re-creation of her iconic uniform. The accurate ensemble included a red R logo across her chest, a split crop top and long black gloves, and knee-high boots.

As if that weren’t enough, Vega even re-created an episode of the anime when Jessie’s flowing red hair is worn down. Moreover, she shared her take on Sword & Shield Gym Leader Nessa, recreating the Water-type’s Galar League Trainer card.

Aside from that, she left no stone unturned in a bid to bring Nurse Joy to life. She wore an incredibly detailed cosplay created by artist therealmikalmosley.

Moreover, she has cosplayed several other characters from the Game Freak RPG including Saffron City Gym Leader Sabrina.


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