xQc Urges His Twitch Fans To Support Smaller Streamers

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Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is urging his Twitch fans to donate and subscribe to lesser-known streamers, offering them much-needed support.

Lengyel encouraged his massive fanbase to donate and subscribe to smaller streamers to give them the support, noting that he is in a good place with thousands of fans tuning in, which is more than enough. He is known for being a polarizing figure at times and has been involved in multiple feuds with other streamers and various stream-sniping scandals.

Lengyel has reputation for fearlessly speaking his mind, unlike most streamers. Regrettably, he does not have wholesome moments, like when he criticized viewers for trolling female Twitch streamers for their success, Dexerto reported.

Living up to his rep, this time Lengyel had an important message for his fans regarding donations and subscriptions. “If the sole purpose of you donating and subscribing is only to support and nothing out of what you get, don’t do it,” he said.

“Literally these days, only do it because you get something out of it. Not anybody else,” he continued. “Me or the chat or any other pressure. Only out of what you get in the value. If you see there’s no value, don’t sub.”

“If you have [one] that’s free, and you think it’s whatever, then fine, then do it to another streamer then… because they actually need it,” he added. “They need the actual support. They need a pillar. You’re already here, you know? You’ve already supported me enough that I can fly now. Just being here is enough support.”

It is not common for streamers to encourage fans not to donate and subscribe to them, however, Lengyel has overstepped the platform in multiple ways and is touted as one of the most iconic streamers in the scene. It appears like he knows he is in a good place, and he is no more dependant on donations and subscriptions, although it boosts his revenue.

For that reason, he is urging his fans to support small streamers who need it. Considering that he was in that situation himself once upon a time, Lengyel knows what it is like and how much that support would mean to those streamers. Watch the clip here.

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