xQc Unable To Stream Due To Power Outages Across Texas

xQc Texas Snow

xQc has been forced to take a brief hiatus from Twitch after freakish Texas storms.

Winter storms in Texas are leading to power outages while forcing Twitch stars such as Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel to take a break from streaming as a result of repeated interruptions.

An exceptionally snowy emergency has caused power outages for over four million people, shutting down grocery stores and even air travel. Naturally, streamers who live in Texas are struggling to keep their streams alive.

One of those streamers is Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, who has been dealing with outages and interruptions for about two days now. “Power is gone. Stream went down. Cya tomorrow when the power comes back. As I’m writing this it just came back. Probably won’t last. Keep u guys updated,” he wrote the first time it happened.

While the power did come back, it was sporadic but lasted longer the next day. xQc streamed for several hours, playing everything from Minecraft to chess. But much to his chagrin, everything crashed down around the six-hour mark just when he was about to attempt another Minecraft speed run.

The power went off while the map was still loading, and the stream was cut to a “no signal” screen. xQc vented his frustration on Twitter, saying, “OUT OF POWER AGAIN WTF, TEXAS IS APOCALYPSE MODE WTF DUDE.” He then added an “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH” to express his displeasure.

Unwilling to give up, he promised to do a PC Build Stream in the next couple of hours, provided the power came back on and was stable. Regrettably, that did not happen and the Twitch star has not returned live.

Described as a “once in a generation” event, the wild winter storm is causing record-low temperatures in the state. On top of that, it is likely to get worse. Hopefully, the ongoing power issues will get resolved soon, but there is a possibility that it might take a while, forcing xQc to take a break.

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