xQc shares his views on Twitch demonetizing Amouranth; Pokimane remains mum about the matter

Amouranth xQc Pokimane

Félix “xQc” Lengyel said Twitch’s decision to demonetize Amouranth “saved everybody” on the platform, while Pokimane continues to remain mum about the matter.

On May 18, Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa shocked everyone by revealing that Twitch has suspended ads on her channel without warning. She wasn’t even provided an exact reason for the suspension.

She announced on Twitter. It is speculated that the decision was taken due to Amouranth’s stream content, which this year, had been spent in an inflatable pool for the majority of the time.

Twitch has been monitoring hot tub meta closely and it is believed that this type of content led to the demonetization of Amouranth’s channel. Since her channel can no longer be monetized with ads, Amouranth will have a significant loss of income.

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An average month of ad revenue on Twitch for Amouranth was around $35,000 – $40,000. This could amount to about $480,000 from ads alone for an entire year of streaming.

xQc shared his views on the demonetization of Amouranth’s channel when a fan asked his opinion on this matter.

“It could be a sign from the Amazon-owned streaming platform, that they are beginning to crack down the “Hot tub Meta” which is controversial and going on for weeks. This situation is a “big topic” for all Twitch streamers, this could create headaches for other streamers too.”

““I think people should wait for at least a couple of days until Amouranth made the communication with Twitch,” he later added.

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“This is a big topic which can create problem for many streamers. As there is a lot of streamers who do the same content that she does. You guys would all say, ‘Look at the other guys that aren’t being banned.’”

During a recent Twitch stream, fans asked Pokimane to share her views on
Amouranth’s channel demonetization. However, she opted to remain tight-lipped.

Pokimane recently did a hot tub stream, where she memed the hot-tube meta by wearing a shirt with a bikini printed on it during the stream. As far as Amouranth is concerned, she can monetize her Twitch content through various other ways including sponsored streams, donations, bits, and paid subscriptions.


On May 21, Twitch reverted the decision to remove advertisements from Amouranth’s channel. The streamer spoke out about the issue on social media platforms and her stream.

Twitch responded in a blog post, deeming its failure to communicate as a mistake.

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