xQc Reveals Why He Doesn’t Stream ‘Overwatch’ Anymore

xQc Overwatch

French Canadian Twitch streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel has revealed why he refuses to stream Overwatch as often as he used to.

Lengyel revealed that he isn’t willing to play Overwatch anymore because of his Twitch followers. He had a reputation for continuously streaming Overwatch, with thousands of his fans tuning in to watch him create highlights and lowlights on his trademark hero, Winston.

He created some hilarious moments, as well as rage montages, which became quality memes. Regrettably, it looked like something had stopped him from playing the game that he once played at a professional level for the Overwatch League.

He started streaming it less recently, and now hardly streams it at all. Fans do not know what made him stop playing the game, with some assuming that he did not enjoy it more. It recently turned out that they were half-right.

During a live stream, one of his fans asked Lengyel why he stopped streaming it. After stopping to think about it for a moment scratching his chine, Lengyel said, “the problem that I have with the game is that it’s almost like… when I stream the game, the stream becomes like a market place for attention.”

“Every game… people come in on my team, and everybody just fishes for attention. On my team and the enemy team,” he explained. “I can’t play even the game properly,” he said noting that it is not fun anymore.

Noting that the actual game is not competitive, Lengyel said it makes no sense to him to play a competitive game all-in if it is not competitive. It is worth noting that he doesn’t find the game boring and stale even after all these years.

He isn’t willing to play it because of all the other people looking for their moment of glory. This is something we have seen happening to big streamers quite a few times, even to the point where some players stream snipe them for entertainment.

This is good for an easy laugh, but it has led Lengyel to the point where he doesn’t want to stream Overwatch anymore. Watch this space for the latest esports news.

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