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xQc Has Gifted Nearly Half A Million Dollars Worth Of Subs

xQc has given away nearly half a million dollars worth of subs.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel is one of the most polarizing internet personality. The 25-year-old French Canadian Twitch streamer has fun and brash attitude, making him one of the world’s most entertaining streamers.

xQc Has Given Away 100,000 Subs On Twitch

He has a massive fan base and he often supports them by giving out subs, however, he did not have an idea about how big the scale of the gifted subs was. During his latest stream, xQc noticed that someone had gifted a sub for his channel, taking the total tally to 99,127 subs.

The amount of sub is considerably huge even for a big Twitch streamer like xQc. He later calculated the worth of all his subs, with each costing $5. The former professional Overwatch player discovered that the total worth of all these subs nearly touches the $500,000 mark.

While he had not gifted all of those subs, it is still a huge amount of money. For an influential Twitch partner like xQc, however, giving away these subs can be a smart business decision, according to Essentially Sports. While he gives away a considerable amount of money like this, being a Twitch partner, the return of every $5 sub is huge, meaning, it is beneficial for him to gift subs more often.

xQc Talks About Receiving Over Sentimental Donations

xQc appreciates the donations that he receives from his viewers, he does have a problem with some of them. During his streams, he talks about receiving sad donations to his Twitch streams. He feels that the timing of most of these kinds of donations feels wrong for people to give it at the moment.

Giving an example, xQc talked about how inconvenient a streamer is likely to feel during an extraordinary moment such as a speedrun or breaking a gaming world record. The mood turns gloomy for the streamer when a viewer donates to them with a sad message about their relative or pet passing away.

It is worth noting though that he does not consider people donating to him with such intentions wrong, because he believes that as an entertainer he brings joy to many people. However, he feels people should understand the right time to post something like that. Watch this space for the latest esports news.

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