xQc creates a GTA RP NoPixel sister server that won’t ban him

xQc NoPixel GTA RP Server

Following his ban from the popular NoPixel server, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has teamed up with the GTA RP server’s founder Koil to create a sister server that allows more freedom to wreak havoc on its players.

Last year, xQc made its first appearance in the NoPixel community along with several other popular Twitch streamers. He permanently changed the server’s dynamics and the GTA RP landscape.

xQc was banned four separate times after he adopted a persona of crime and mischief and fought with NoPixel’s police force. Aside from that, his bans can be attributed to a slew of other questionable actions.

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On May 23, NoPixel issued xQc a permanent ban from the server. This ban was widely seen as the end of his involvement in GTA RP, but he returned to NoPixel, by starting a separate server built for criminal activity.

xQc stunned his Twitch stream by hinting at his completely unexpected return to GTA RP, saying, “People don’t know about this, but they’re doing a second NoPixel server.”

As expected, his Twitch chat exploded with excitement at the news of his return, while xQc went on to explain what the new RP experience will look like.

“It’s gonna be a little scuffed,” he said. “But I talked to Koil off-stream and the server is ready.”

He admitted that it would take a few days before everything was in place for the server to open. Moreover, he thrilled his fans by revealing they wouldn’t have to wait long for his return.

The new server will offer a different experience than the original. “The payouts for all [criminal activities] will be way higher, and the fines are gonna be way less.” Most importantly, he confirmed that “I’m not gonna get banned on [this server].”

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He also revealed that the new server was already garnering huge popularity among NoPixel devs. “It literally is a sellout server.”

While fans will be able to enjoy his shenanigans again, xQc will be able to unleash his criminal personality without facing backlash.

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