xQc $10k Valorant tournament
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xQc backs out of $10k Valorant tournament; ‘I’m out’

xQc pulled out of a $10k Valorant tournament with a myriad of content creators. The Twitch star backed out after facing multiple issues while trying to play.

xQc proved that if you want him to play in your tournament, make sure you are staying on top of everything.

The former Overwatch pro doesn’t lack experience when it comes to competing at a high level in esports. However, he seems to have left that life behind him.

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During the June 16 BoomTV Valorant tournament, xQc indicated that he is done with dealing with the nuisances associated with competing. xQc backed out of the Valorant tournament twice, despite $10k on the line and several top names gracing the tournament.

xQc and his team started the tournament 1-2 but were soon frustrated with the level of players they had to lock horns with. They ended up forfeiting themselves

After reflecting upon the decision along with his team, xQc decided to return to the game rather than disappointing the tournament organizers. Regrettably, that didn’t last too long either.

The team they were playing against was struggling to find a fifth player, and the Twitch star got impatient, replying, “I’m out.” He was clearly frustrated with sitting and waiting for his opponents to sort out their issues.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do it. I’m sorry guys. I can’t do this.”

xQc then switched to GTA and the popular NoPixel RP server as Jean-Paul. The team led by 100 Thieves Warzone streamer Rhys ‘Rated’ Price won the tournament, with Rated taking home the lion’s share of the prize.

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