xQc attributes his GTA RP bans to massive Twitch fame

xQc GTA RP Ban

Félix “xQc” Lengyel recently opened up about his fourth and final ban from GTA RP server NoPixel 3.0. The star streamer blamed his Twitch fame for the ban.

xQc claims the “pressure to perform” was too high for him while roleplaying. Earlier this week, he was permanently barred from the NoPixel 3.0 server. As expected, his fans were shocked.

The French-Canadian streamer was involved in every drama on the GTA server since he joined in Feb. Aside from May 22’s permanent suspension, xQc copped four bans and often ended up fighting with the server mods and players.

Despite being a NoPixel nuisance, he was involved in a few notable moments such as the “Rainbow Road” heists. He has since apologized for his actions, but it looks like the 25-year-old internet sensation isn’t willing to shoulder all the blame.

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One of the biggest reasons, according to xQc, he inflicted so much damage on the NoPixel server because of his Twitch fame. He blamed his massive Twitch following, which comprises a whopping 5.7m fans, for many of his role-playing runs turning into emotional outbursts.

During his May 27 stream, xQc explained that his behavior was not triggered by anything his viewers did specifically. Instead, he claims he felt “pressured” to put on an engaging show for his fans tuning in, rather than simply enjoying the role-playing feature of the server.

“It’s odd… I just felt so much pressure,” he said.

“Every time I read chat, and I was doing something they didn’t like, it was just hatred, hatred, hatred, it just doesn’t stop. I don’t find chat bad, but when I was interacting with other players [on the server] the pressure would just be so huge.”

“Fans, players. When I play… the game would slowly become unbearable. At times it felt like, I can’t breathe. I can’t do nothing at all. I literally cannot breathe.”

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Moreover, he did not come to terms with GTA players on the server who interacted with him to only boost their own standings, or to get in on the popular “X” storylines.

Speaking about that, he said, “Some people do try to maximize what they got out of interactions [with me]. It’s kind of really f*cking annoying, to be honest. You wish you wouldn’t have that, on a roleplay server, but can you really blame people dude?”

Regardless of what caused him to wreak so much havoc on the GTA RP server, he has admitted that he “needs to do better” after the NoPixel fiasco.

“I should have been banned a long time ago. It’s why I’m not even mad because it’s just the reality. Out-of-character malding and sh*t is not right,” he said after he was permanently suspended from the server.

He accepted that he will miss it though. “I f**king love roleplay, and honestly, I’m going to miss it a lot. But it is what it is, and let’s f**king move on. Things happen, I guess.”

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