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xQc and LIRIK costream Nintendo E3 event despite the risks of a potential ban

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Saqib ‘LIRIK’ Zahid deliberately broke a rule by co-streaming Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation. The Twitch stars acknowledged that defying orders could lead to a ban.

Nintendo’s main Japanese account posted a message on June 15, urging content creators to “refrain from mirror distribution of Nintendo Direct video and audio during live distribution of Nintendo Direct.”

It was unclear at the time whether this applied to Japanese streamers and content creators. Twitch’s official channel did not air the Nintendo Direct although it had the permission to broadcast it.

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This was done to show support for streamers who were not allowed to co-stream. However, xQc and LIRIK co-streamed the event themselves to their viewers.

“Are we doing this? Listen xQc, if we get banned because of Pokemon GO DLC, you know, that is one way to go down,” Zahid said while pulling up the direct on his stream. Pokemon did not make an appearance during the presentation, but the point remained the same – being banned for co-streaming a gaming event would be an unconventional way to have your account suspended.

“I am fine sinking on that ship!” LIRIK added. “Okay? I am okay with that.”

Considering that LIRIK didn’t shy away from taking the leap of faith, xQc joined in. “F**k it then! That’s f**king sick then. Okay, let’s sink!”

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Much to the relief and delight of their fans, neither LIRIK nor xQc’s Twitch accounts have been banned, according to Dexerto. This also suggests that Nintendo’s rule only applied to Japanese users.

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Vinay Patel

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