xoAeriel receives threats after a Twitch partner leaked her location

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xoAeriel said that she has received several threats and is being harassed after a Twitch partner revealed details about her location during a broadcast.

xoAeriel is one of the streamers who began Twitch’s hot tub meta trend. As she continues to garner huge popularity on the platform, it looks like a target has been placed on her back.

On May 25, the popular streamer revealed that she has been purposefully doxxed during a live stream by a partnered Twitch streamer. On top of that, Twitch has taken no action about it although she has filed several formal complaints.

During an interview with Dexerto, xoAeriel said she is afraid that if she publicly named the streamer who doxxed her, the person’s viewers are likely to swat her.

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After seeing the video of the dox in question, the site opted not to publish it and even withheld the accused name citing xoAeriel’s request. However, the site confirmed that the accused is extremely popular in the Twitch community.

The hot tub streamer said that the day her information was released she began to receive threatening phone calls. Some people went on to make accounts with her legal name and post her address in chat.

“In one incident there were people walking around my house late at night during a livestream.”

They kept calling my friend’s phone over and over saying how they watch us on Twitch,” she explained. The streamer added that she was forced to end her stream early and let her guard dogs out.

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Following the incident, xoAeriel said police searched for people around her house and are monitoring her area more closely.

“I receive restricted phone calls of people not saying anything and people asking if it’s Aeriel and then hanging up,” she added. “I no longer answer blocked calls.”


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Regrettably, Twitch has done nothing to rectify the situation. With Aeriel afraid to name the Twitch personality, all of the discussions with the platform have come in the form of an email.

Twitch’s community guidelines restrict sharing content that “may reveal private personal information about individuals,” including personally identifiable information such as someone’s location.

Aeriel received an email from Twitch support, indicating that the information was forwarded to the appropriate team. However, the Amazon-owned platform did not give an estimated time for a response and she is still waiting.

“I have sent in several reports on her account,” Aeriel said. “It’s wild that Twitch won’t do anything about it.”

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