Xiaomi Has Launched its Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 4C 4G in China

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit children's watch 4C

Today, Xiaomi has launched its new upgraded version of the Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 4C in China which is called the Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 4C 4G. By the same name, you can guess what’s the change and that it comes with support for 4G connectivity.

Along with the new connectivity support, another important change has that is the bumped up waterproof ratings from IPX7 to IPX8. The device also features support for the company’s own XiaoAI smart voice assistant.

Thanks to the eight-fold safe positioning system, the smartwatch offers you support for good positioning. It also gives you the ability to track historical data. The smartwatch comes with a 1.3-inch display, which is a bit smaller than the 1.7-inch AMOLED panel on the Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 4.

The smart wearable also features a 2-megapixel camera sensor on the front of the watch, which can be used by the parents to remotely make 4G or Wi-Fi calls with the children. The 4 and 4Pro models both had dual-camera setup as well as 5G connectivity but in this case, this new device is not that lucky.

As before mentioned, the smartwatch has support for XiaoAI smart voice assistant, which can offer several functionalities through voice commands such as encyclopedia, music playback support, weather reports, and many more.

The smartwatch is packed with a customized version of the QQ Chat app which has support for group chat as well as voice calls among other basic functions. For the payment function, parents can set the limits and can also check the record of spending.

Moreover, it also packs some basic fitness-related features such as step counting. There’s also support for navigational features.

Compared to the 4 and 4Pro models which cost 899 yuan and 1,299 yuan, the Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Children’s Watch 4C 4G is priced at 399 yuan which is about $56.


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