World Series of Warzone Dr Disrespect
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World Series of Warzone might block Dr Disrespect from participating

Dr Disrespect may be banned from the $1.2 million tournaments according to the Twitch partnership and World Series of Warzone ruleset.

Although the two-time hasn’t won a lot of Warzone tournaments lately, fans love his involvement. Regrettably, his reputation has blocked him from getting air time during the biggest Warzone events.

Warzone is getting its biggest event series yet, the World Series of Warzone, which has a $1.2 million prize pool. The event will see 150 content creators, pro players, and streamers taking their private lobbies.

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The popular internet celebrity will be restricted from participating, according to Dexerto. Much to the chagrin of the Doc’s fans, he will not be getting any air time.

Based on the Doc’s permaban from Twitch, coupled with the WSOW’s exclusivity deal with Twitch Rivals, the ruleset is concerning. Although details about the players are still scarce, it is highly unlikely that the Two-Time will make the cut.

Doc, who is currently on YouTube, is banned from being invited by any Twitch streamer. His accidental involvement has led to drama in the past.

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With Twitch Rivals collaborating with the WSOW, things are expected to get even worse for the Doc. For instance, the rulesets insist that all players “shall broadcast their gameplay exclusively on the streaming platform designated.”

Aside from that, the rulesets assert that all participants must “be in good standing with respect to the applicable broadcast platform on which the WSOW Tournament is distributed.”


Considering the aforesaid information, it seems highly unlikely that Dr Disrespect will get in on the WSOW action.

Things are only likely to change if Activision and Twitch come to an agreement over the Doc’s standing with the Amazon-owned platform. Until that happens, fans will have to continue wondering what happened between Twitch and the Two-Time.

Vinay Patel

Vinay Patel

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