‘World of Warcraft’ Cosplayer Stuns Fans With Insane Alexstrasza Outfit

World of Warcraft Alexstrasza

World of Warcraft cosplayer Sophie Letyago showed off an unbelievably realistic Alexstrasza costume, taking Instagram by storm.

Touted as one of the badass characters in World of Warcraft, Alexstrasza is nicknamed ‘Alexstrasza the Life-Binder.’ Aside from guarding all life of Azeroth, Alexstrasza is the queen of all dragons.

She is a popular choice among cosplayers for that reason. Although recreating her true dragon form is almost impossible, there’s no dearth of jaw-dropping versions of her humanoid form, which resembles a high elf.

Alexstrasza sports a horned helmet, along with leggings, boots, breastplates, shoulder pads, as well as a cap that represents her red dragon form. Her fierce looks and immense power doesn’t coincide with her compassionate nature. She is capable of regrowing forests, healing the land, and even resurrecting the dead.

Sophie Letyago (a.k.a.. Sophie Katssby) shared pictures of her Alexstreasza cosplay on Twitter, and it looks as good as official World of Warcraft artwork. “HERE IT IS!” she captioned the tweet, adding, “My Alexstrasza is finally ready! And I’m happy to share with you.”

The pictures gave the Twitterverse a glimpse of the incredible amount of detail in her cosplay. While they appear to be 3D rendered artwork from the game at first glance, that’s not actually the case. Aside from some after-effects and filters, the piece looks genuine, and her followers have described it as amazing, impressive, and “best Alexstrasza ever.”

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