Valkyrae, Disguised Toast, Mizkif, Mia Malkova new year 2022
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Watch Valkyrae, Mizkif, Disguised Toast & Others Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Mia Malkova, Mizkif, Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, and other top streamers got together to celebrate new year’s eve.

Content creator groups, OfflineTV, and OTK invited special guests to join them and celebrate the new year countdown on stream. Mizkif, who was streaming on his Twitch channel, was surprised to find out that Mia Malkova celebrated new year’s eve with everyone at the OTK house.

Cyr, Emiru, Connor, Esfand, Rich, Russel, Slick, Zoil, and Alinity also made appearances in the stream. All OTK members had a lot of fun as they joined in on the drinks, waiting with bated breath for the new year countdown to end.

Fans enjoyed everyone’s antics, but Mia, who made everyone cheerful, was the star in the group. Some of the most memorable moments include Mia engraving an “M” on the back of Rich’s head.

Aside from that, watching Mizkif drop drinks on Esfand’s Pokemon collection was pure fun. The OTK team enjoyed the New Year 2022 countdown and later congratulated each other.

Alinity, Esfand, Slick, and others went out to burst crackers. However, Zoil, Rich, Mia, and Mizkif stayed online in a bid to wish their viewers before ending the stream.

OfflineTV Members Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Fuslie, Valkyrae & Others

OfflineTV members met up to celebrate the new year countdown together, showing that they haven’t completely separated. Disguised Toast was streaming Naruto for his viewers when Kkatamina, Valkyrae, Yvonne, and Scarra joined him to celebrate the new year countdown, per InsideSport.

Moreover, Lilypichu, who was streaming online, was accompanied by fuslie, Michael, and others towards the end of the countdown for 2022. OfflineTV members celebrated new year’s eve chatting and drinking.

During their streams, Michael and Disguised Toast created some hilarious moments. Everyone hugged each other after 2022 arrived. Moreover, they wished their fans for the new year before their streams ended.

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