Volkswagen CEO Trolls Tesla CEO Elon Musk In Twitter Debut

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess Elon Musk

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess’ first tweet after joining Twitter Wednesday was a light trolling of Elon Musk.

Hello @Twitter! I’m here to make an impact with @VWGroup, especially on political issues,” Diess tweeted. “And, of course, to get some of your market shares, @elonmusk – after all, our ID.3 and e-Tron have won the first markets in Europe. Looking forward to productive discussions!”

Last year, Diess settled criminal charges related to his role in the Dieselgate emissions scandal was alluding to how well the first mass-market electric vehicles of this popular VW and Audi brands performed in Europe in their debut year, with Tesla losing market share on the continent as a result.

Considering that he has praised Musk in the past, it is hard to imagine Diess doing more than just tweeting playful jabs like the one on Wednesday. Diess has often publicly shared that he admires what Musk and Tesla have done for the electrification of the industry.

While the comment is obviously tongue-in-cheek, it could end up helping VW’s electrification effort, provided Diess can spread more information about VW’s electric vehicles to Twitter’s strong electric vehicle community. It is also worth noting that Diess is trying to get some of Musk’s electric car company’s stock market momentum to rub on the VW group.

Diess managed to survive a major power struggle that took place inside the Volkswagen Group, and while he remains the top boss, he was stripped of his title of chief executive officer of the VW brand citing the major software problems the ID 3 faced during the rollout.

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