Valorant Classic Pistol
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‘Valorant’ Player Gets 4 Quick Kills Using Only ‘Classic Pistol’

You may spend a lot of creds on different guns in Valorant, but nothing beats the satisfaction of pistol kills. Especially when you spent nothing on it, right? Such was the case with this Valorant player the other day. He snagged 4 kills in quick succession. It would impress you to know that it was using only right-clicks of the  Valorant classic pistol.

As seen in the video,  the said team was under attack in the Breeze map, site A. Viper was taking cover in Omen’s smoke. This made sure that she did not reveal herself by the opponent Sova’s recon bolt.

The opponent’s Jett was the first victim. She walked into the smoke where Viper was taking cover. This caused the Viper to hit an on-point headshot. Although Jett managed to escape using a dash, it’s not long-lived. Now with the Viper’s location revealed to the opponents, she had no choice but to take the fight head-on, DotEsports reported.

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With a quick reflexive jump and shoot, Viper finished off the Jett at mid-range. The enemy KAY/O was next in line. As he jumped in to take on Viper, he fell for another classic right-click. Sova was next in line. As Viper got out of her cover, she took out Sova and Reyna in quick succession. She already had four kills to her name. She has to only kill Omen to get a solid Ace using the Valorant classic pistol. But, unfortunately for Viper, the enemy Omen had other plans in mind. He came out of the cover and took Viper down.

The ending turned out to be quite anti-climactic. Nevertheless, the clutch was exhilarating to watch. Although it would have been an extraordinary display if it was an Ace. Anyway, that will be a story for another time.


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