Valorant Glitch
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‘Valorant’ glitch allows players to quickly reload using an ultimate orb

Much to the delight of Valorant players looking to knock down opponents with unlimited ammo, there is a glitch that allows you to instantly reload using the ultimate orb.

On May 26, a Valorant player discovered an unusual exploit while “messing around” with their friends, posting a video. Players can spam the interact button on an ultimate orb to instantly reload their magazine without the lengthy animation.

The bug was tested out by Dot Esports during a custom match and the site found similar results. The player needs to bound the interact key to the mouse wheel down in a bid to reproduce the bug.

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This triggers an odd interaction where the agent doesn’t grab the orb even though it glows repeatedly. As long as your magazine isn’t full, you can hit the reload and spam mouse wheel down at the same time to fill the clip without any time-consuming animation.

The site experimented with several ultimate orbs and various weapons. The exploit worked every time.

This isn’t intended because players get an unfair advantage by instantly reloading. For example, a player can sit on an ultimate orb, waiting for opponents to show up and then spam.

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This is particularly more effective with an Odin since it has a large magazine. Riot Games is likely to patch the exploit in a hotfix before it ends up posing a threat to competitive integrity.

Vinay Patel

Vinay Patel

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