‘Valorant’ Cosplayer Transforms Herself Into Quirky Genius Killjoy

valorant Cosplay Killjoy

While the Valorant roster is graced by Killjoy, an inventive genius, one of her biggest fans deserves a similar title for dishing out an accurate cosplay.

Valorant’s Agents are all unique and boast different strengths and weaknesses in specific situations. For instance, going toe-to-toe with Killjoy is quite intimidating considering that she can crowd control with the help of her gadgets. However, that’s not the only reason that makes her a fan-favorite character.

Killjoy is funky, unconventional and a genius not just on the battlefield, but on it too. Considering her popularity among gamers, it is surprising that she is a popular choice among cosplayers too, probably because something is highly appealing about her style.

Cosplayer and gamer Luminavira took to her Instagram account recently to share a picture of her accurate Killjoy cosplay. She posted the same picture on the Valorant subreddit, making quite an impression. The picture has been up just for several hours and has already garnered over 500 upvotes and received a myriad of positive feedback.

“Everyone makes fun of German efficiency,” Luminavira wrote reiterating one of Killjoy’s lines. “Just keep laughing as you use all my gear.”

“I can finally show you some Killjoy pictures,” she added. “I am so proud of this Cosplay, and I love this girl so much. I know a lot of you guys don’t know Valorant, but I hope you like it anyway.”


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It is worth mentioning here that Luminavira made the costume herself, and has done a fantastic job. The shoes, gloves, ripped jeans, t-shirt, jacket, glasses, and the beanie, all look like the real deal. Her cosplay strikes a perfect blend of purple, grey, yellow, and green.

The accessories added a nice touch as well. She included a leg strap, hip bag, bracelet, and even a replica rifle. “Wow, that’s amazing!” one commenter said in the Reddit thread. Pointing out the attention to detail, the Redditor wrote, “You got even the tiniest details right. Even the pants are ripped in the same place. You look fantastic!”

“Introducing the real-life killjoy. This is seriously amazing,” another Redditor said, reflecting a sentiment that others have shared for a good reason. Luminavira brought Killjoy to life in the most incredible way.


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Luminavira puts in a lot of time and effort into the craft, and it shines through. In her Instagram post, she thanked capugraphy for her time. Her cosplay has mesmerized Valorant players, specifically those who love Killjoy. Watch this space for the latest gaming cosplays.

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