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Valkyrae Wants To Make A ‘Fortnite’ Comeback, But There’s A Big Catch

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has revealed that one thing that will convince her to play Fortnite again.

Valkyrae wants to make a major comeback to Fortnite over a year after abandoning Epic battle royale. However, she will only be completely convinced if one thing happens.

Like most streamers, Fortnite was one of the first popular games Valkyrae first experienced before her Twitch exit in 2020. Playing Fortnite propelled her to the top position on the Amazon-owned platform. 

However, she decided to quit the Epic Games battle royale permanently after signing a big YouTube deal in January 2020.

Valkyrae Super Keen On Staging A Major Fortnite Comeback

On Nov. 18, the YouTuber made an unexpected Fortnite return along with OTV friends. She admitted she could make her comeback permanent if one big thing happens. “I’m having so much fun, yeah!” she admitted while playing.

“I haven’t played in ages, that was fun. I actually really liked it,” the 100 Thieves star continued. “Might need a bit of practice, but I would definitely play again. Maybe we can do a few more Fortnite streams.”

Valkyrae stopped playing Fortnite while she was still on Twitch because it was ” unfun” to play alone. The 29-year-old YouTuber said she will return to the Epic battle royale more regularly “only do it with friends. It is really fun playing with everyone!”

Will Big Stars Return To Fortnite?

In other words, Valkyrae will return to Fortnite if other stars return to the battle royale train too, Dexerto reported. “I don’t think I’d just go back to playing it alone,” Valkyrae said.

Aside from her, LazarBeam, CouRage, NICKMERCS, Tfue, and even Ninja have abandoned the game over the past 18 months. However, Hofstetter and other big stars are slowly returning to the game.

For instance, Ninja has started posting Fortnite highlights on his YouTube channel. Moreover, he has even been streaming the battle royale. Likewise, LazarBeam has announced that he’ll be “keen to play again,” eventually.

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