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Valkyrae To Release Her Own Songs After Music Cameos In 2021

Social media sensation Valkyrae plans to turn her popularity into musical stardom this year. This is much like the other online sensations in the past who took the same route.

Valkyrae was a part of two major music roles in 2021. The first appearance in MGK and Corpse Husband’s “Daywalker” video. Here she played streaming friend Corpse. In Rae’s second appearance she starred alongside  Bella Poarch in the “Build a Bitch” music video. Bella Poarch is another TikToker who turned into a songstress.

Valkyrae Plans To Release Her Songs After Music Cameos Last Year

The 100-Thieves owner, inspired by her past musical cameos, now wants to try her hand in music this year. She wishes to make her own music in 2022.

Rae did her first stream of the year and spoke about the same in it. She said, “This year, I’m going to release my own single.” She promised, “That’s pretty much the first thing I’ve started for the year.”

Talking about her plans, Valyrae said, “Yeah things have got started there.” Moreover, she added, “I’ve been talking to Brodin [Plett, OfflineTV’s in-house producer] and Wendy [streamer Natsumiii] about making a song, and so we’re in the process of doing that now.”

Related segment begins 11.02 in the video below:

Valkyrae revealed that she’d been already working on song-writing behind the scenes and well, we think it won’t be long before we see her in another avatar!

A fellow streamer, Natsumiii reportedly convinced her to come to a recording studio. Rae agreed after months of pestering. This time, Valkyrae will work on something original instead of a cover song.

Revealing more details, Rae said, “They were both super down.” She mentioned, as reported by Dexerto, “So we’re starting to work on that. It’ll be for funsies to begin with, I don’t want to make it into anything too serious.”

Well, it will be interesting to see Valkyrae sing! Let’s see how this turns out to be. We’re quite excited to see this one.

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