valkyrae secretly meets corpse husband
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Valkyrae Suggests That She Met Corpse Husband In Real Life, Fans React

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter dropped a hint about her in-person meeting with Corpse Husband in her recent stream.

Dubbed as the Queen of YouTube, Valkyrae has a good friendship with faceless artist Corpse Husband. In 2020, the two first met during an Among Us lobby. Since then, the two became friends and they have played many games with other streamers.

Corpse had asked Valkyrae to play him in  Machine Gun Kelly’s music video ‘DAYWALKER!’ and Rachell had also congratulated Corpse for releasing a new song.

It’s no secret that during the quarantine times people could not meet each other in person. Although Corpse and Valkyrae are friends for more than a year, they haven’t yet met in person. Also, due to Corpse’s illness and fear of being doxxed by fans, he suffers from trust issues and is scared to meet people he plays with in person.

Valkyrae Drops Hint On Meeting Corpse Husband In Person

However, during a recent stream, Valkyrae alluded to meeting Corpse Husband in person. She mentioned that she met a few people and she loves her friends.

Here, she was just talking about meeting her friends. However, after this, she dropped a hint on Corpse Husband.

She told that she no longer has her silver brick and then laughed. After mentioning the “silver brick” fans understood that she’s talking about Corpse Husband.

Corpse was interested in Valkyrae’s silver brick. In one of Valkyrae’s older streams, she had promised that she would gift her silver brick to Corpse Husband if he would meet her in person.

Valkyrae Meets Corpse Husband

She said that she went to meet her friends and that she no longer possesses her silver brick. Based on this information, it can be said that she met Corpse in person. However, the faceless artist hasn’t confirmed this news yet. Hofstetter also hasn’t addressed any additional information on this topic.

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