Valkyrae Says She Will Be Joining Sykkuno in NoPixel GTA RP Server Soon

Valkyrae Joins NoPixel GTA RP Server

Streaming star Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has confirmed she will be joining Sykkuno in NoPixel’s GTA RP server soon as fans have been making a vehement demand for them to get involved, though she is a bit worried.

Grand Theft Auto RP continues to boom on Twitch since NoPixel dropped its 3.0 server, with big streamers getting involved. Summit1g’s Charles Johnson character has made a comeback, HasanAbi joined the party with Don Pecorino, while xQc got involved in a drama and got banned.

Despite claiming initially that he won’t get involved, Sykkuno eventually joined the NoPixel server. With a lot of fans wanting to see his Among Us teammates join the party as well, Valkyrae has confirmed that she will soon make the move.

During their Mar. 7 stream, Rae was praising Sykkuno’s GTA RP skills and poking fun at some of his highlights such as failing to steal from a house and going wild with random punches, Dexerto reported.

“It was fun, you should play,” Sykkuno said, with Rae responding pretty quickly. “I’m for sure playing, Friday,” the 100 Thieves star said. “I figured I would try it Friday. I was inspired by Sykkuno,” Rae added, admitting that she’s “scared” of roleplaying but she’s going to give it her best shot.

Sykkuno was already making plans for them to rob a bank and start a criminal empire, saying he will teach any of his Among Us teammates his criminal ways, provided they join him. Rae noted that she will be joining the NoPixel server on Friday, and it will definitely be entertaining, one way or another.

The server is teeming with experienced GTA RP’ers so there is no dearth of people who will hold your hand at first if you want them to do so. If it turns out to be just like the OfflineTV rust server, it will be a lot of fun time for the Among Us team. Watch this space for the latest esports news.

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