Valkyrae after RFLCT controversy
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Valkyrae Says She Is Getting Back On Track After The RFLCT Controversy

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter revealed that she is back on track after the RFLCT controversy and that she now has a positive mindset.

Valkyrae’s skincare product RFLCT was a huge failure. Netizens found the product to be unscientific and called it a ‘scam’. Even streamers began to criticize the Queen Of YouTube for endorsing such products.

Many of her friends and fellow streamers didn’t offer any support to the YouTuber. Rachell said that all the criticism is valid. However, she denied the accusation that the product was a cash-grab.

Moreover, the 100 Thieves owner, revealed that she was visiting a therapist as she was depressed.

Valkyrae Is Back On Track After RFLCT Drama

The RFLCT controversy had a bad effect on her mental health. However, now she has revealed that she is doing okay and that things are going up.

She said that she has a lot of anxiety. She doesn’t know how much of that is being caused by her being unhealthy.

However, later she changed her tune and said that her mental health is okay and it’s not nearly as terrible as it was earlier. She revealed having dark thoughts. However, now she doesn’t have those thoughts anymore.

She explained that she has a positive mindset than a negative mindset and she doesn’t want to let it hinder her anymore.

Valkyrae also talked about her plans on fixing her diet, sleep schedule, and more. “I’ve got to start taking care of myself because physically and mentally I’m just like, blah. But yeah, overall, I’m going up. I’m going up!” she said.

She also said that every single person can benefit from a therapist and said that it’s good for everyone.

Valkyrae revealed that she is not okay. However, she said that she is feeling a lot better. For her, the most traumatizing thing was that she was naive.

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