Valkyrae Hallucinations
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Valkyrae Says She Experienced Hallucinations, Fans Are Now Concerned

American YouTuber Valkyrae said that she experiences hallucinations at night. Her fans are now concerned about her.

Rachell Hofstetter who goes by the name Valkyrae is a popular YouTuber. She has amassed over 3.55M subscribers on YouTube as of now. She is the winner of TGA’s 2020 Content Creator of the Year.

Rachell is also one of the most-watched female streamers. She has more than double the viewership of Pokimane for Q1 2021, as per Stream Hatchet.

The 100 Thieves content creator has appeared in multiple music videos and has done modeling for Gucci.

Valkyrae Experiences Hallucinations

Recently, during a broadcast, Hofstetter revealed that she experienced auditory hallucinations at night. She experienced this only when she was extremely tired.

She said that it’s scary as she doesn’t know if it’s going to go away and if it’s going to happen more often.

While Rachell sleeps, she sometimes hears voices in her head. When she would hear some voices she would think that she’s just tired and no one is talking to her.

She said that when is tired she hears random voices speaking. She termed the experience as “creepy.” Valkyrae added that she tried not to psych herself into thinking it’s anything more than her brain shutting up and going to bed.

As fans came to know about her experience, they got concerned about her. Commentators narrated similar incidents that they had experienced.

According to Verywell Health, hallucination is a common symptom of sleep deprivation. Depending on the length of sleep deprivation, approximately 80% of normal people can experience hallucinations.

Valkyrae is about to release her brand-new line of merchandise. She has partnered with influencer clothing company ‘Revolt’ to create her line of streetwear featuring her unique branding.

The merch line opens for pre-orders on September 24 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET and is only available for purchase via Valkyrae’s web store for one week.

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