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Valkyrae Reveals She Is Seeing Therapist Over RFLCT Controversy

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has revealed that she has been visiting a therapist as she is traumatized by the RFLCT controversy.

Valkyrae’s skincare product was made to protect one’s skin against blue light turned out to be a failure.

Netizens slammed the product for being unscientific and called it a scam. Many streamers and friends of Valkyrae didn’t support her during these tough times. However, Pokimane claimed that she reached out to Valkyrae.

Valkyrae RFLCT

Some people also accused the product of being a cash-grab. However, Rachell denied the accusation by saying that it wasn’t for money but because she felt it was revolutionary.

Valkyrae Says She Visits A Therapist

In The Queen Of YouTube’s recent stream, she revealed that she is visiting a therapist and she has got a lot of trauma.

(Related segment begins at 17:14)

She said that after the RFLCT controversy, she became depressed and had a bad. She added that she had mental damage from all of this.

Valkyrae said that she was lucky that there wasn’t a lawsuit for the break or anything. However, she admitted that she was still in a terrible mental place.

Moreover, the streamer admitted that although she was having depression, she is hopeful.

Valkyrae RFLCT store and products

The 100 Thieves owner said that she and RFLCT have officially separated. She called the product a big mistake as it left her in a terrible place.

Valkyrae admitted that she isn’t perfect and she has made a lot of mistakes. She called herself incredibly naive to get involved with RFLCT and said that it’s a big learning lesson. 

Furthermore, she said she would be more careful with everything moving on now. She labeled herself as naive, impulsive, and too trusting. 

Rachell also revealed that the skincare brand has started to pull its products out of more than 400 stores. During her stream, she stated that she is having a hard time.

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