Valkyrae cries birthday stream
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Valkyrae Left In Tears After Fans Pull Off A Perfect Birthday Surprise

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter was left teary-eyed towards the end of her stream after YouTube fans gave her a perfect birthday surprise.

This perfect birthday surprise from YouTube fans included a pinboard with numerous comments, a virtual fan-art gallery, and a compilation video. On January 8, 2022, Rae celebrated her 30th birthday.

Her loyal fans made Rae’s birthday even more special by giving her an ultimate birthday surprise. The fan-favorite YouTuber shared the experience with her audience on stream.

The emotional roller-coaster ride left her feeling overwhelmed, and she ended the stream in tears. However, Rae decided to enjoy the last part privately.

“I heard there was a surprise today,” she Rae. “I heard there was a surprise. So, I figured I would do a stream today to check out these surprises. I already got toilet paper in case I cry.”

Valkyrae Gets A Perfect Birthday Surprise

First off, Rae got a 40-minute compilation video, showcasing some of her best on-stream moments, featuring her friends in 2021. Unable to hold back the tears, Rae burst out crying several times while the video played.

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t expect to get emotional from that,” she said. “That’s crazy. I love all my friends. I love them all. I’m so lucky. I’m just so lucky, man.”

A fan-made project dubbed “Birthrae Gallerae” was her second surprise. It included a virtual art gallery featuring fan-made art. “This is incredible!” Rae declared.

The third and final surprise was a link with numerous comments from fans wishing her a happy birthday. “I’m so overwhelmed. This is so nice. You guys are so sweet,” she said as the tears started to flow.

She decided to soak it all in by ending the stream. “I really want to read this now off-stream. I do. I’m going to go. I want to read it and just enjoy it. This is very important to me. I feel like this kind of stuff gives me purpose.”

The topic starts in the video at 13.26

She read the comments off-stream and thanked fans for their love and support. in a series of tweets.

“This is the happiest I’ve ever been!” she said. “I couldn’t be more grateful for this life. Thank you for being part of it. I wish I could thank you all individually. Thank you for the birthday love.”

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