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Valkyrae Lands Herself In Trouble With Her YouTube Contract Tweet

Social media has become a major platform for major streamers and Social Media platforms to get into business. Recently, Valkyrae got into trouble after she posted a tweet about the contract she signed with YouTube. 

Usually, platforms like Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Gaming get into contracts with influencers. As per these contracts, the streamers have to fulfill certain conditions. 

Valkyrae Tweets On Her YouTube Contract, Lands In Trouble

Rae posted a tweet about her contract where she had mentioned that her contract with YouTube will be ending on 15th January and she had a lot of streaming hours to fill up. 

Valkyrae sought suggestions from her Twitter followers and there were many who came up with ideas.

Shortly after the tweet went out, Rae revealed that it landed her in a bit of hot water. The ‘100 Thieves’ co-owner told to Sykkuno, “I wasn’t even supposed to tweet out what I tweeted”, as reported by Dexerto.

The American internet personality further said, “We already had a conversation! They said I don’t need to delete it because the damage has been done.”

Furthermore, when Sykkuno suggested that Rae should go ahead and spill out more details, Rae clearly said,  “I love YouTube, I’m not trying to make things worse for myself!.”

Interestingly Sykkuno was quick to poke Valkyrae. He gave her a rather funny suggestion to fulfill her remaining streaming time. Sykkuno said, “Just leave your stream on for five hours at a time and you’ll hit the hours easily.”

From here, it is going to be interesting to see if Valkyrae stays on YouTube after her contract ends or leaves the platform. In the future, if she leaves YouTube, it is definitely going to be a shocker for her millions of followers all over social media. 


Titiksha Jain

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