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Valkyrae Jokes About Blue Light After RFLCT Controversy

Eminent streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter made a joke on blue light during her stream after the RFLCT controversy.

The Queen of YouTube’s skincare product ‘RFLCT’ which was made to protect one’s skin against blue light turned out to be a dud.

Netizens called the product a ‘scam’ as they pointed out that it’s unscientific. Later, Valkyrae acknowledged the criticism.

Many streamers and friends didn’t show any support to her. However, streamers too slammed the product. Ultimately, Valkyrae and RFLCT officially separated. The skincare brand removed its products from more than 400 stores.

During those tough times, The 100 Thieves owner had to visit a therapist as she was depressed.

Valkyrae Cracks First Joke Related To RFLCT

Initially, during the tough times, streamers such as Mizkif made jokes about the incident, and Valkyrae wasn’t pleased by it.

However, now the situation is different. The 100 Thieves owner is now looking at the funny side of the incident. She cracked a joke on blue light.

In her recent stream, Valkyrae had donned a pair of bright blue contact lenses. On viewer observed it asked her: “How are your eyes blue? WTF”

Now the streamer could’ve simply responded by saying that it’s because she wore blue contact lenses. However, she decided to give a witty response that was related to RFLCT.

Valkyrae said: “You see, I used so much of my blue light cream, it just infused with my eyeballs, and now I have blue eyes. Now I deflect blue light from screens automatically.”

She further joked that they missed it and they could get blue eyes too.

Valkyrae later talked about her contact lenses. She said that the lenses that she donned were comfortable.

She also said that she wore contact lenses in the past for cosplay. However, the contacts that she wore for the cosplay made her eyes uncomfortable and red.

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