Twitch Streamer Accidental Shows Off Her Version Of Blue’s Clues

Blues Clues cosplay

Twitch’s Just Chatting section is teeming with entertaining moments each day, and a streamer’s take on Blue’s Clues has taken the internet by storm for a few reasons.

Someone who is a regular Twitch scroller must be aware of the Just Chatting section which is very varied. There are a few people who record themselves roaming on the streets and do various stuff, while others are seen sitting at home doing live streams.

The advantage of this section is that the smaller streamers who want to gain more followers can be easily get noticed through this section by fans and they will share the small streamer’s funniest sketches, or most memorable videos with audiences of thousands.

This same thing happened with Twitch streamer named AyyTrae, who has a fairly small channel of 60,000 followers.


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AyyTrae is a Los Angeles-based creator who is mostly doing live streams while playing RPG or co-op games, she is also seen showing off her passion for music. Despite this, she was not able to gain a big audience until when she blew up on January 28.

The creator didn’t tell her fans about the cosplay, she showed it like that it is a random outfit for her broadcast. When she is actually cosplaying Steve from Blue’s Clues (1996-2006), which is an animated series. However, a few fans did notice her outfit and asked her “You are dressed like Steve from Blue’s Clues?.

In reply, AyyTrae said, she has no idea what her fans are talking about. But she is looking forward to doing cosplays as she likes it a lot, so she is going to take that and physically write it down. So that she can remember that she had promised her followers to do a cosplay of Steve from Blue’s Clues.

Her viewers find it hilarious that she is promising to do a future cosplay on the character she’s already has done.

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