Tommyinnit Trends On Twitter While Streaming ‘Minecraft’ With Dream On The SMP Server

Tommyinnit Dream

Tommyinnit left more than 500k viewers in suspense after an evident internet mishap while streaming Minecraft with Dream on the SMP server.

Dream is one of the big-name streamers out there right now so his collaborations with other streamers on the Dream SMP server understandably garners a lot of views. During a recent stream server member Tommyinnit was broadcasting to more than 500,000 viewers along with Dream when his internet shut down and caused him to start trending on Twitter.

For those unaware, everything that takes place in the Dream SMP server is fiction. The storyline up to this point involves Tommy visiting Dream in prison, where he has been locked up for a long time. Midway into the visit, Tommy’s stream began to slow down and dropped frames with nearly 570,000 viewers witnessing it.

Streamers are no strangers to such occurrences on the server, so people thought it was all part of the show, though the interruption seemed 100 percent unscripted and unplanned. Tommy’s framerate started dropping before he went offline temporarily.

The stream was back online shortly and the show went on as if nothing had happened. According to Tommy, he had to “offline to drop more viewers” in a bid to appease Twitch.

“Twitch was like, just crashing, seems to be when we get past the half a million point,” the streamer said. “It literally seems like it once we got past half a million viewers.”

That downtime was enough of a surprise to make “Tommy” one of Twitter’s top trending topics. Viewers, who had no idea what was going on, speculated that Dream had planned this whole this.

As far as the story is concerned, the YouTuber is now trapped along with Dream in the prison cell. You will have to tune in next time to find out if our heroes can escape. The fact that Tommy’s temporary internet issue caused him to trend on Twitter shows how popular the world Dream and his friends have created in Minecraft has become.

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