The Top 10 ‘Among Us’ Streamers Who Have Mastered The Game

Among Us Streamers

Among Us is not only widely popular but has also had a widespread impact on the streaming community despite the lack of heavy graphics.

The streaming community is responsible for making this game popular. Streamers like xQc, Pokimane, PewDiePie, etc. have all showcased their skills when it comes to being a good ‘Impostor’ or a ‘Crewmate’. Below given is the list of top 10 Among Us streamers.

Disguised Toast

Many viewers including Penguinz0 said that Disguised Toast is to Among Us what Mike Tyson was to boxing. Be it as an impostor or crewmate, Toast has mastered the art of deception and deduction alike. He deserves the number 1 spot.


On the second position is Toast who is one of the best impostors in the game. His ability to create a great alibi for himself is amazing, which helps him get away from any kind of suspicion. He is also able to change the discussion in the lobby to his advantage at most times.


“Corpse” is calm in every situation, and his voice is mesmerizing. It becomes difficult for people to suspect him because of the Clubbing that he makes and gets away with things easily more often than not.


xQc is a shrewd impostor. He knows how to convince people that he isn’t the impostor and blames other people for being one. He has good alibis to defend himself.


Sykkuno is an uncanny player. Although he isn’t as serious as others he’s still one of the best in the business. Additionally, it is hard for people he regularly plays with to suspect him because he hardly ever lies, even as an impostor.


Jacksepticeye can gain the trust of the others with his logic and his arguments and quickly switch over the suspicion to other players. His patient nature as an impostor is a notable strategy. This helps him stay out of suspicion throughout the game.


Valkyrae always has strong arguments to defend herself or even accuse someone else. Not only does this make her a good impostor, but makes it very hard to argue with her logic. Her facts are absolutely on point and she has a way with her words.


Although the biggest YouTuber in the world may not be the best impostor, he has often managed to convince his lobby into thinking otherwise with his logic. However, he has a long way to go to break into the list of top players.


Pokimane hasn’t been the best player, but it is her sweet nature that makes it difficult to suspect her and she ends up getting away with a lot of kills.


CourageJD is the last one on the list. He has a long way to go as an imposter. His one strategy of pretending to be AFK was good, but even that was caught soon enough. He needs a lot more work before he can be among the top streamers right now.

Watch this space for the best gaming picks!

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