The Galaxy Z Fold 2 Features Revealed In A New Video Review

Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung’s long-awaited Galaxy Z Fold 2 has been subject to a slew of speculations, and multiple leaks that gave tech buffs a brief glimpse of the phone even before the South Korean tech giant unveiled it at an Unpacked event earlier this month.

A recently surfaced video offers a closer look at the foldable handset, which is slated to be unveiled at a dedicated Fold 2 event on Sept. 1st. The review isn’t in English, but it gives a clear view of the Fold 2 for several angles and offers a detailed comparison of the impending handset with its well-received predecessor.

The video shows the device in action as the reviewer views Maps, plays different games, and even captures a self portrayed. The speaker sounds comparatively richer than a myriad of other phones available on the market at the moment.

Side-by-side with the original Fold, it is clear that the form factor has undergone a radical overhaul. Aside from being bigger, the display of the Fold 2 is also thinner than the Fold.

Samsung has dumped the front camera cutout and the bezel that didn’t justify the $2,000 price tag the phone carried. It has now been replaced with a hole-punch lens. If earlier leaks are anything to go by, the device’s upgraded hinge design is fully enclosed to avoid dust from getting in.

The video also shows how the phone’s screen rotates and how Fold 2’s Flex mode works, treating two sides of the handset as two separate displays. Samsung will be making the new phone available to the public soon, and details about the phone’s price, specs, and exact release date are likely to surface even before it hits the store shelve.

The Fold 2 will go up for pre-order when Samsung reveals more details about the new phone. Those restlessly waiting to get their hands on the hotly-anticipated Fold successor can head straight to this link register to reserve the 5G variant of the Galaxy Z Fold2.

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