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Tesla Launches A New Year Offer On Cars Bought Before Jan. 1

Elon Musk’s Tesla has come up with what can be described as an attempt to push year-end sales.

In a bid to push year-end sales, Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla has introduced an offer on new buys just ahead of New Year’s eve. Those who purchase Tesla cars in the concluding three days of the year will be eligible for three months of the Full Self-Driving option for free, provided delivery and documents are fully complete by Dec. 31st at midnight.

Taking to his Twitter account on Wednesday, Musk announced the scheme. “All Tesla cars delivered in the final three days of the year will get three months of the Full Self-Driving option for free. Delivery & docs must be fully complete by midnight Dec 31st,” he tweeted.

The company’s full self-driving tech is currently in its beta version, and select drivers are testing it before the car makers officially launch it. Tesla is also inviting buyers to give the feature a test drive before it is made available to the public.

Tesla hasn’t divulged any details about this flash deal on its website. The company does not clarify whether the free three months of full self-driving feature starts as soon as they get a new Tesla car, bought or delivered. This offer is likely to boost Tesla’s sales around the world before 2021.

Tesla’s full self-driving tech is expected to offer an impressive array of features including Navigate on Autopilot, which will enable the car to overtake other cars. Auto Lane Change, Auto Park, and Summon, which will come in handy while parking the car and taking it out of a parking area remotely, and the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control.

Musk had previously said that Tesla will release the full self-driving feature in its cars sometime next year. The EV manufacturer has topped monthly premium EV sales tallies in 2020 due to the sedans manufactured at its multibillion-dollar plant in Shanghai last Dec.


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