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Streamers’ Opinion On Valkyrae’s ‘RFLCT’ Controversy

Popular streamers have voiced their opinion on Valkyrae’s newly launched skincare product ‘RFLCT’ which was slammed by many for being unscientific. 

The Queen of YouTube’s two-year mysterious project turned out to be a dud. The product was made to protect one’s skin against blue light.

However, people pointed out that blue light has no significant impact on human skin and called the product a ‘scam.’

Valkyrae said in an audio clip that the criticism is warranted and valid. Later in her stream, she said that saw the research and was excited to be a part of something that felt revolutionary.

Streamers’ Response To Valkyrae’s ‘RFLCT’

Many fans negatively reacted to the product. However, the reaction wasn’t simply limited to common people. Many streamers also decided to voice their opinion on the issue.

Hasan Piker said that he doesn’t believe a blue light is destroying people’s skin in the way the RFLCT product presents itself.

Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel commented that if there’s a problem with the product and the fact-checking then it’s her job. He added that in such situations the person should throw everybody under the bus or endorse and double down. He said that one cannot go in the middle as no gray area exists.

Mizkif advised Valkyrae to stop streaming and responding to comments as anything says would get clipped and she’s going to get sh*t on.

Pokimane also stated in her stream that she agrees that there are valid research concerns when you call out something that to be harmful but when it’s not universally considered as such. She also claimed that she reached out to Valkyrae.

After the product sparked controversy, many of her friends didn’t support her. Alinity explained the reason.

She said that people don’t have the courage to defend a person when they see that person being wronged. The defenders end up being targeted themselves.

Rahul Macwan

Rahul Macwan

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