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Spotify announces Greenroom, a new competitor for Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces

Spotify unveiled a new competitor for Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse, and a slew of other similar live streaming voice chat apps that are garnering huge popularity at the moment.

Despite carrying Spotify’s branding, Greenroom is a completely separate app, and it adopts the same basic premise as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. A user can create an audio-only room that allows listeners to participate.

Spotify Greenroom Join Room

It is up to the creator of the room to allow or restrict certain participants from speaking. Spotify touts Greenroom as a platform that allows people to “join the conversation.”

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Moreover, it encompasses multiple topics of discussion such as culture, sports, and music. According to GSM Arena, it seems that users can create their own groups about their favorite topics.

On the downside, Greenroom is currently only available in English. You can download the Greenroom app on your iOS or Android devices, and sign in using your Spotify account.

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It is worth noting that there is a set of separate terms and conditions from Spotify that you’d need to accept before using the app. Spotify has an edge over Twitter and Clubhouse because it can easily integrate a wide range of music and podcasts, which are currently available on the app.

However, adopting that strategy could lead to copyright nightmares with record companies.

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