SpaceX’s Starlink Beta Put To The Test In The Wild By A Tesla Owner

SpaceX Starlink Beta

A Tesla owner turned SpaceX Starlink Beta tester has demonstrated that the constellation will be able to deliver high-quality internet anywhere on Earth.

SpaceX’s network of Starlink satellites is currently only able to offer uninterrupted service in upper latitudes. The company plans to launch nearly 12,000 Starlink satellites to cover almost every inch of Earth’s surface with the internet which will be better than what 90% of the global population has access to.

Thus, people living in remote areas with zero cell coverage and no wired connections will still have all but guaranteed access to reliable, high-bandwidth, low-latency internet so long as some kind of power source is available.

Starlink Beta Field Report: drove into a local national forest with no reception. It works, here are the results. from r/Starlink

A Reddit user ‘wander-coder’s’ performed a test and found that Starlink is more than capable of realizing that promise. Connected to a large battery pack and sat on the muddy ground in the forests of Hayden, Idaho, the small Starlink antenna was able to deliver download speeds of more than 120 megabits per second (Mbps) and latency under 40 milliseconds tens of miles from any kind of cell service or wired connectivity.

SpaceX Starlink Beta Test

SpaceX Starlink Beta Tesla

In the US, few satellite internet options exist for users in remote areas and those that do have are extremely expensive for what is often an almost unusable experience (>$100, <10 Mbps down, >600 ms ping).Elon Musk wrote in a tweet that several thousand more Starlink beta participation invitations are going out this week.

Starlink offers the service at a good price i.e. $500 down and $100 per month with zero data caps. The Reddit user’s Tesla Model 3 tells us that Tesla currently don’t offer embedded power outlets but has enough battery capacity to power a Starlink user terminal for a month or more. Stay tuned in here for the latest SpaceX Starlink news!


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