Elon Musk SpaceX Earth Image Shot on iPhone
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Space X’s Inspiration4 Commander Shares Earth Photos Shot On iPhone

SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission commander Jared Isaacman shared an image of Earth which was shot on iPhone.

On September 15, SpaceX launched the first all-civilian mission to orbit. The goal was to raise funds to donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

After spending three days in orbit, the team safely returned to Earth last month. Elon Musk had congratulated the crew and pledged to contribute $50 million to the Research Hospital.

On September 24, Jared Isaacman, the mission commander, uploaded a clip that showed an Alien-shaped toy and the view of the blue Earth. He wrote that it is a xenomorph and he’s friendly. Also added that he didn’t attack them.

Two days later, he had shared a short clip on Twitter. He had shot the clip on iPhone.  It was a video over Brazil from the first day in orbit. The video was taken inside the cupola.

He wrote that it was a privilege to see Earth from this perspective. He also mentioned that we need to take far better care of our home planet and also reaching for the stars.

Inspiration4 Mission Commander Shares Earth Image

Now, Isaacman uploaded a picture of Earth on Twitter. The image was captured on an iPhone. The caption of the post was: “Amazing that an iPhone can take a shot like this. I really love the nosecone in the picture.”

One commentator wrote that it is beautiful. Another user said that it is a stunning shot from a small piece of tech and a gifted photographer. Another commentator said that “shot on iPhone” has a different meaning now.

Hayley Arceneaux, an Inspiration4 astronaut, posted a 360-degree view of Earth from space and called the experience “absolutely life-changing.”

The fully automated Dragon capsule reached an unusually high altitude of 585 kilometers, surpassing the International Space Station by 160 kilometers, according to India.com.

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