Sony Unveils New Project Dubbed Airpeak To Support Video Creators

sony Airpeak

In an attempt to have a bigger piece of the drone market, Sony launched Airpeak drone business to support video creators.

The Japanese tech giant unveiled a new project dubbed Airpeak, which aims at supporting “the creativity of video creators to the fullest extent possible,” according to Sony’s press release. If this cryptic press release is anything to go by, Sony seems to be gearing up to lock horns with consumer-focused drone makers such as Skydio, Parrot, and DJI.

This move seems to make a lot of sense, taking Sony’s prowess in the compact and full-frame mirrorless camera segment into consideration. Vloggers, as well as independent filmmakers using Sony gear, might be interested in getting their tech greedy hands on a drone integrated with similar technology. If nothing else, you can simplify color correction and combining footage with it.

In its press release, the company points out how drones have created “workflow efficiency and energy savings in the industrial sector.”

“Sony has assigned the ‘Airpeak’ brand to reflect its aspiration to contribute to the further evolvement and the creation of the unprecedented value through its imaging and sensing technology as well as 3R technologies (Reality, Real-time, and Remote) in the drone area,” it adds. While it remains to be seen whether or not it will be a consumer or enterprise play, we are hoping it is the former.

Sony already has Aerosense, a business-centric collaboration with ZMP, and it specializes in surveying, capturing live events, and creating maps using drone imagery. The consumer drone isn’t easy to penetrate, but GoPro took on DJI in 2016 but failed to garner commercial success with its Karma quadcopter amid the United States government’s growing aversion toward Chinese technology.

Sony, on the other hand, is likely to see some success in the West since it is a Japanese company. Nevertheless, it will have to combat the still raging coronavirus pandemic, which has restricted people from traveling to spots where they would like to fly their drones. Sony will be hoping that the situation will be relatively better in spring 2021 when it plans to officially launch its Airpeak initiative. Watch this space for the latest business news.

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