Sinatraa Valorant Return
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Sinatraa to make ‘Valorant’ return soon amid sexual abuse allegations

Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won seems all set to make a return to Valorant soon amid sexual abuse allegations by his ex-girlfriend, Cleo ‘cle0h’ Hernandez.

In Mar. 2021, the Sentinels star was accused of assaulting his former partner. Sinatraa allegedly forced himself upon cle0h, who claimed she “lived in constant fear” during their nine months relationship.

Following these allegations, the former Overwatch League MVP turned Sentinels Valorant star was dismissed from the L.A.-based esports organization mid-way through the Valorant Champions Tour.

Riot also suspended him pending further investigation. However, nearly three months on, Sinatraa could be gearing up to make his return at least to streaming.

Sinatraa laid low after the allegations surfaced. He shared pictures of him playing Valorant in his personal Discord. Responding to fans who asked about his potential return, Sinatraa only said “soon.”

It is worth noting though this was not the first time he was spotted playing Valorant since his suspension. Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan and a few other former teammates have mentioned previously that Sinatraa was back playing Riot’s free-to-play hero shooter.

Aside from that, he has made appearances on now-girlfriend Emmyuh’s stream, hinting that he wants to return to streaming. She said Sinatraa could return in May, but for now, he is banned from all Valorant Champions Tour competition.

He will not be accompanying Sentinels to the upcoming VCT Stage 2 Masters in Iceland. Stay tuned to AuczarPlus for the latest esports news.


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