Sinatraa returning to Twitch ‘no matter what’ but Valorant comeback remains up in the air

Sinatraa Twitch return

Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won is slated to make his Valorant return soon, and while his comeback is still in doubt, the suspended Sentinels star will be back streaming on Twitch “no matter what.”

Meanwhile, Riot continues to investigate sexual abuse allegations made by Sinatraa’s former partner Cleo ‘cle0h’ Hernandez. 

The former Overwatch League MVP allegedly forced himself upon Hernandez, who stated that she “lived in constant fear” during their relationship that lasted for nine months.

Sinatraa was dismissed from Sentinels Valorant mid-way through the Valorant Champions Tour, with Riot also suspending the Sentinels Valorant star until further investigation.

Nearly three months on, Sinatraa could be set to make his return – at least to streaming. He laid low after the allegations were made, but he recently shared images of him playing Valorant in his personal discord.

Aside from that, he also confirmed that he will be back “soon.” He has made multiple appearances on now-girlfriend Emmyuh’s stream in recent weeks, hinting at an impending return to streaming on Twitch, while Riot’s investigation continues.

Emmuyh has backed these claims, suggesting Sinatraa could return in May. On May 8, the Twitch star confirmed that he will in fact “be back streaming” on Twitch very shortly, “no matter what.”

It remains to be seen when will he be seen playing Valorant at the pro level again. During one of Emmyuh’s latest streams, Sinatraa admitted he “doesn’t know if I’m gonna return [to] pro” due to various moving parts.

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