Sinatraa left in tears after ShahZaM’s fans criticize Valorant pros for duoing

Sinatraa ShahZaM Valorant

On June 2, Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won invited Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan to play a game of Valorant. Regrettably, reaction on Twitch left Sentinels’ pro Valorant player in tears.

A local law enforcement is currently carrying out an investigation into Sinatraa’s alleged sexual abuse towards his ex-girlfriend Cleo ‘cle0h’ Hernandez. This didn’t stop him from returning to streaming on Twitch.

Sinatraa, who watched his former teammates win the first international Valorant event, invited ShahZaM to the duo in some ranked games online. The VCT Stage 2 champion joined up without thinking twice.

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Shortly after they started streaming live on Twitch, ShahZaM’s chat was teeming with angered viewers who questioned him about playing alongside Sinatraa again. The response soon became overwhelming and Sinatraa was left crying on stream.

Towards the latter half of the match, Sinatraa was visibly upset after reading his chat. Switching his webcam off several times, he returned in the 18th round to say “it’s so dumb,” and burst into tears.

He did not say another word to his former Sentinels teammate for the rest of the map. He took a break, and then carried out streaming with his webcam turned on. Sinatraa tried his best to not talk about the matter further.

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“I just wish people knew man,” he said two rounds into the next map before breaking down again.

“It’s so sad. It’s just so sad. F*** my life.”

Despite continuing to stream for a few hours after this, Sinatraa said there will not be any more duo queues after this.

“That’s what happens when I play with other streams,” he said. “That’s why I don’t do it, because the chat just attacks them nonstop.”

ShahZaM regretted his decision to join the stream. “I didn’t think it through,” he repeated throughout the entire map.

“I just got invited to play and I played. It was honestly a mistake, I put myself in a really sh***y situation. I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would turn into this.”

“Don’t think that I’m taking a stance or [making] a statement or some bulls***. I do not support r***.”

They played out the map in full, however, they quickly parted soon after. it is likely they will not be queueing together again anytime soon.

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