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Sinatraa bent on making Valorant pro return amid ongoing abuse investigation

Amid an ongoing investigation into recent sexual assault allegations, Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won returned to Twitch on May 20.

The 21-year-old professional Valorant player admitted that he is eager to compete at the professional level in Riot’s free-to-play hero shooter. On Mar. 10, he was suspended from Sentinels, as well as from competitive play.

Citing allegations from ex-girlfriend Cleo ‘cle0h’ Hernandez, the Valorant star stayed low key, while Riot investigated the claims. On May 18, Riot released its official response, applying a six-month suspension.

Although the first leg of the investigation did not reach a definitive conclusion, local law enforcement continues to investigate the accusations.

On May 20, Sinatraa returned to the spotlight just two days after Riot’s official response was released. With tens of thousands of viewers waiting with bated breath for him to boot up his Twitch stream, Sinatraa opened up about what his future may look like in competitive Valorant.

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He made it clear that would return to Twitch “no matter what.” Earlier in the day, he had removed “pro player” from his Twitter bio and later went live on Twitch to speak about his current status.

“Are you going to return to pro play after [the] ban?” he was asked early into the broadcast. Sinatraa responded: “Probably, yeah.”

His six-month suspension from Valorant tournaments appears to be retroactive. In other words, he could technically qualify to compete in Sept.

It is still unclear when the former pro Duelist might return. While he is still under contract with Sentinels, his recent Twitter bio shakeup suggests that the L.A.-based organization isn’t interested in bringing him back to the pro team.

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During his Twitch return, Sinatraa said he simply doesn’t know if Sentinels would welcome him back. It remains to be seen where the former OWL MVP might land if he removed from Sentinels.

Sinatraa is currently gearing up for the first international LAN. His former team has been tearing through NA with Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo replacing him.

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