Shroud Unveils The ‘Valorant’ Agent He’d Main In Pro Play

Shroud Valorant Main

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is not a professional gamer anymore, but if the 26-year-old Canadian streamer was to mark his foray into the competitive Valorant scene, which Agent would he fancy playing?

Shroud stepped away from Cloud9 and pro-level CSGO in 2017, however, his skills haven’t become worse. He still draws a considerable number of viewers to his Twitch streams due to his extraordinary aim.

He has been playing Valorant regularly since the tactical FPS from Riot Games was released. Despite climbing ranks and closely monitoring the competitive scene, Shroud has no plan to join a professional team. Fans, however, continue to envision the former C9 fave at the pro level.

“If you were to go pro in [Valorant], who would you main?” one of his viewers asked during a recent Twitch stream. Shroud had a vague idea in mind if he was to invest in the time to a career in Valorant.

“Probably someone simple, so my brain doesn’t have to work as hard,” he said. In other words, Duelists are Shroud’s top priority. He has ample game time with other Agent types, but he would focus on Duelists.

“Jett, Reyna… Phoenix would be a fun main,” he said.

All three Agents are more focused on individual play for the most part. Jett has her brief smokes, and the others are capable of helping when it comes to taking sites, however, these characters would let Shroud pop off without worrying much about the deeper strategy.

Duelists are a great choice for those who want to frag, unlike those who set up plays, enable their team, and surpass the enemy in thinking. If Shroud was to go pro, he would be focusing on montage moments as he tops the scoreboard.

One Agent, however, was able to break this trend for Shroud. “Skye is really fun,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind playing Skye.”

So while details about whether or not Shroud will make a competitive return are still few and far between, we have a good idea of how he would be trying to fit on the pro team.

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