Shroud Valorant Bug
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Shroud Uncovers A ‘Valorant’ Bug That Allows Him To Track Enemy Locations

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek made a notable comeback to Valorant, and now the former CSGO pro has divulged details about a glitch that shows the enemy’s position on the map.

During a recent stream, Grzesiek came across a unique bug on Riot Games’ tactical first-person hero shooter that enabled him to track the enemy on the minimap for the rest of the round. This isn’t the first time this has happened to the Twitch sensation, as he alludes to the bug with a degree of familiarity.

Shroud Discovers Wallhack Valorant Bug

As he was defending C site on the map Haven, Shroud peaked down the long path for vision. Much to his delight, the move offered much more information than he anticipated, Dot Esports reported.

“I’ve got the bug, I see him,” Shroud said while calling out every move that the enemy Cypher makes to his shocked viewers, who were amazed at his predictions playing out right before their eyes. Apparently, he was able to see all the enemy players on the map, although he wasn’t playing as an Agent whose utility supports this feature.

Despite being a nasty one to have to deal with, the glitch led to a victory for Shroud and his teammates,

Is This A New Bug?

Shroud said that the “bug happens to me all the time… He never left my radar.” Admitting that he can see the enemy on the mini-map, he noted that “it’s happened since this new update,” indicating that the issue is with Patch 2.02.

Considering Shroud’s popularity, it is safe to say that thousands of Valorant fans are now aware of the issue and it can be brought to the attention of the game developers. On the downside, until a fix is implemented, players are likely to get wall banged or stalked without realizing until it’s far too late.

At the time of writing, Valorant had not shared any details regarding a fix for the issue. It appears that some adjustments need to be made in Patch 2.03 to ensure that not every Agent can be Cypher.

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Vinay Patel

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