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Shroud Says ‘Valorant’ Agent Astra Needs A Little Bit Of A Tweak

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek believes Valorant‘s recently introduced agent, Astra is broken in her current state.

Shroud explained why Valorant‘s new agent, Astra is going to be broken. The 26-year-old Canadian streamer the title’s newest agent is broken due to an “unintentional” perk of her ultimate ability dubbed, Astral Form.

Riot Games took the gaming realm by storm when it unveiled Valorant’s newest agent, Astra. Although she hasn’t been added to the game yet, her debut is just around the corner. Her ultimate, Cosmic Divide and Astral Form are insane.

Regrettably, her other abilities seem a bit underwhelming, and Dexerto suggests her damage output isn’t quite impressive. However, she is still good, at least, according to Shroud. The former pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player thinks her ultimate is so good, it compensates for her other abilities, which he describes as “broken.”

“In her astral form, she can see when somebody is diffusing a bomb or faking a bomb or whatever. It’s so broken,” Shroud said. “If Astra truly comes out tomorrow, she’s going to be so busted. If Astra comes out in this current state tomorrow, no changes at all; she’s going to be busted. The fact that you can see that is so huge. That has to change for sure.”

“I actually don’t think she’s that broken. I just think that certain aspects about her need a little bit of a tweak. Like, for one, you shouldn’t see the spike in your astral form. Just get rid of that completely.

“Don’t allow any Astra to see where the spike is. That really sucks.”

“Because as a CT, you can be on a completely [different] site, and you can see exactly where the bomb is planted, which I think is kind of weird.

“And the fact that you can see somebody tap a bomb or stick a bomb or whatever is kind of weird. So, that part doesn’t seem intended. I think it just slipped through the cracks.”

Valorant players have mixed opinions about Astra, with some thinking her ultimate is overpowered. Others think she is too gimmicky and is likely to fall behind other agents. Do you think Astra will fit into the game upon release? Let us know in the comments section below.

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