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Shroud Says He Will Quit ‘New World’ If This Does Not Happen

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek revealed that he may actually quit playing New World if the makers don’t change a few things. 

Shroud is still playing New World in spite of his fans asking him Why? The Twitch streamer revealed that he is waiting for the best to come. According to him, the best is yet to come. The streamer revealed he has high hopes from the upcoming dungeon mutations feature.

Shroud Reveals One Thing That Will Make Him Quit New World

Additionally, Shroud admitted that if they do not offer the players some better incentives to do them, he may quit the game as per Dexerto. By better incentives, Shroud meant providing better rewards.

He said, “If mutations work the same way that we’re doing right now and all they are is harder, but you don’t receive anything for it, I’m not going to play.”

“What the hell is the point of playing for something that’s harder if it nets you the same result?”

Furthermore, he added, “If they do mutations and you’re able to do mythic plus dungeons and make them harder, but they don’t actually give me any rewards, I’m not going to play. Like, what’s the point? That’s some dumb sh*t.”

“You do a mutation. It takes like an hour to do. It’s a challenge. It takes you a lot of mats. Then you don’t even see anything good. It’s just going to suck.”

In addition to this, Michael added that slightly better cuts would not make any major difference. The players will still stay in the same boat.  So, he thinks that the new update can make or break the game.

The Canadian streamer was in the line of praising the ICARUS, said it was the greatest survival game. It will be interesting to see if he really quits New World!

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