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Shroud Says He Switched Over To ‘Valorant’ Due To Cheating Problems In ‘CSGO’

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek attributed his decision to spend more time playing Valorant rather than CSGO to the rampant cheating in the game.

While talking to some of his fans on Twitch, Grzesiek said some pretty harsh things about Valve Corporation’s multiplayer FPS video game. The former CSGO professional played for Cloud9, however, he moved to play Riots considerably new first-person shooter, Valorant.

He cited the rampant cheating problem in CSGO as a major reason when a fan urged him to play CSGO. “I’d love to play CSGO if it was f*cking good,” he said laughing at the idea..

“Every single time you play CS, you’re trying to casually jump into a matchmaking…aimbot, spinbot, f*cking anti f*cking cheat f*cking headshot, wallhacks. They got it all dude, they’re teleporting around and sh*t, it’s f*cking crazy,” he added.

As far as Valorant is concerned, he said you can be sure that you are getting legit opponents. “You jump in, you play, you’re confident, you go whatever, play your game, play your two games, have a good time or have a bad time,” he said. “but at least you know you’re not gonna get f*cking cheated.”

The popular Twitch streamer is known for his insane FPS talents, but some professional Valorant players claim the game “is just way too easy mechanically,” VPE Sports reported. Cheaters usually end up ruining the experience of legit players, and although hacking can be prevented in professional settings, content creators repeatedly run into cheaters.

Grzesiek has bumped into several hackers while streaming and competing professionally. He is not the only streamer to criticize the cheating issues that continue to ruin the player experience, as several viewers in his chat also slammed the game, calling it “dead” and “s**t.”

CSGO has been plagued by hackers for quite a while now in the casual, as well as competitive settings. It appears that Grzesiek is the latest player to switch over to Valorant where he can rely on Riot’s robust anti-cheat system to keep the game free of cheaters.

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Aniket Macwan

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