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Shroud Says ‘Fortnite’ Is The Number One Battle Royale

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek believes that there is only one king when it comes to the battle royale genre, and it’s not Warzone or Apex Legends. The Canadian streamer made a bold that Fortnite is the number one battle royale game.

For now, it appears that Apex Legends has won the ongoing genre war with players leaving Call of Duty’s Verdansk. Shroud has been playing Apex Legends since early 2019. He believes that battle royale debate is not free from ambiguity. The Twitch star has been a long-time advocate for Apex Legends, but another game has grabbed his attention, per Dexerto.

According to the former CSGO pro, Fortnite is the only modern battle royale that can be touted as the actual “number one” title in the genre. “To me, Fortnite’s number one. It’s unique. And Apex Legends is number two. That’s if we’re talking competitive gameplay,” he said. “With Fortnite, you can build.”

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The issue, according to Shroud, is that the matches of every battle royale are usually overshadowed by “third-parties” when a third squad joins a gunfight late. Genre-heavyweights like PUBGWarzone, and Apex Legends are no exception. 

“That’s the worst aspect of any battle royale… you’re fighting, and poking, poking, then you just get railed from the side,” Shroud said.

“Every battle royale has that, every single one. It’s just the nature of the genre.” Fortnite is the only game that has overcome this gameplay loop.

“It’s why Fortnite is a very, very good competitive battle royale,” the Twitch star continued. “When you win fights [in Fortnite] it really is just you and your opponents. Of course [in Apex Legends] you’re going to be ratting it up. You’re always going to ‘rat’ in those kinds of battle royales.

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He returned to Fortnite and its building: “It’s amazing for that, because you, the player, get out of those sticky situations. I think that’s really cool.”

“I wish I was better at it,” he laughed. “Or good at all!”

However, this doesn’t mean Shroud will start streaming Fortnite any time soon though. His love for Apex Legends is no secret. On July 24, the streamer said: “My personal favorite battle royale, it’s gotta be Apex Legends. PUBG is number two. Three is Fortnite, then Warzone.”


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